Terms Of Service For Advertiser


INTRODUCTION: The Services (defined hereinafter) of ‘ARE SUNO’ is provided by Are Suno Info India PVT LTD, a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013 and having its registered office at 35, Vijay Block, Laxmi Nagar, East Delhi, Delhi, 110092 (“ARE SUNO”). ARE SUNO carries on the business of providing information about Vendors (defined hereinafter) of various products and services (“Information”) in selected towns and cities in India (“Service”) to end users. Are Suno Provides Users (defined below) with its search service with information and user reviews for Are Suno database of local business, products and services across India. Are Suno search service is available to users through multiple platform viz. Internet, mobile internet. Are Suno is merely a medium which connects general public with vendor’s goods and services (“Vendors”) listed on Are Suno  however at the same time it does not intend to guarantee any business to such Vendors. The Vendor details are specified at Page 1 of the contract, Vendors are hereinafter referred to as (“Advertiser”). Are Suno’s objective is to provide a quicker guide for up-to-date Information in a user friendly manner and via a medium that the end user is comfortable with. The end users of the Service are persons who may want to purchase goods / avail services and are seeking information about the Vendors of such goods and services (“Users”). These Terms (defined below) read with the contract form (“Contract Form”) and the invoice mentioned in Clause 11 constitute the entire understanding and Contract (“Contract”) between Are Suno and the Advertiser.



·         (a) Contract means this Contract together with all Schedules and Annexures (if any);

·         (b) References to a party hereunder shall include such party’s successors, permitted assigns and any persons deriving title under it;

·         (c) The descriptive headings of Clauses are inserted solely for convenience of reference and are not intended as complete or accurate descriptions of the content of such Clauses;

·         (d) The use of words in the singular or plural, or with a particular gender, shall not limit the scope or exclude the application of any provision of this Contract to such person or persons unless the context otherwise permits;

·         (e) Any grammatical form of a defined term herein shall have the same meaning as that of such term; and The words “including” and “includes” herein shall always mean “including, without limitation” and “includes, without limitation”, respectively



Advertisers may be business houses, small medium enterprises, corporate entities, semi-corporate entities, establishments or individuals, who subscribe to the Service in order to list their company or business. Are Suno will provide only the Information about the Advertiser to the Users in the manner provided for in these Terms. Advertiser agrees and acknowledges that  Are Suno does not guarantee any business to the Advertiser and is merely a medium through which information is made available to the general public.



·         (i) These Terms of Service, including any Annexures hereto, (“Terms”) along with the Contract Form set forth the terms and conditions under which the Advertiser may be identified as a Vendor to the Users. The Contract shall come into effect upon the Advertiser or any authorized agent of the Advertiser signing and delivering the Contract to Are Suno  and upon the realization of consideration. (“Effective Date”). The Contract will override any previous understanding (whether written or oral) between the Advertiser and Are Suno on the subject matter hereof. The Contract shall be valid and effective for 1 (one) year or more from the Effective Date unless otherwise agreed by the parties and in accordance with the terms of the Contract subject to payment received under the Contract. The Contract would automatically stand renewed unless (a) the Advertiser intimatesAre Suno by prior written notice (either by email or through registered post) at least 3 (three) months before the expiry of the 1 (one) year tenure, expressing their intention not to renew the Contract. or, (b) is terminated by either Party prior to renewal in accordance with these Terms. In the absence of any written communication by the Advertiser as to non-renewal after the expiry of the 1 (one) year tenure or unless terminated earlier by either Party, the Contract would stand automatically renewed on terms of this Contract. By agreeing to the terms of the Contract, the Advertiser shall be deemed to have consented unconditionally to all such addendums and amendments to the Contract without requirement of any specific notice or signature thereto. The Advertiser acknowledges and agrees that in case of conflict between this Contract and the terms and conditions (“Terms of Service”) contained on the Website, the Terms of Service as updated in website shall prevail. Are Suno is entitled to modify the Terms of Service as it deems fit and will not be required to provide a specific notice of such change to the Advertiser. It shall be the sole responsibility of the Advertiser to visit the Website and update himself / herself of the changes to the Terms of Service. Any changes to or amendment to these Terms or the Terms of Service will be deemed to take effect from the Effective Date and will be binding on the Advertiser.

·         (ii) Subject to terms set out in Clause above, it is clarified that the automatic renewal of the Contract will also be subject to sufficient credit balance of Advertiser being available in the Advertiser’s account with Are Suno. It is further clarified that in ECS/ CCSI mandate should be active and the payment should be honored on the stipulated date for the purposes of renewal of the contract.

·         (iii) The automatic renewal of this Contract is subject to the absolute discretion of Are Suno. The amount mentioned in the Contract Form along with any other document which forms a part of this Contract (“Total Fee”), is the decided fee for the provision of Services and shall not be reviewed at any point except at the discretion of Are Suno. By accepting these Terms, the Advertiser confirms to pay the Total Fee on the terms set out therein.

·         (iv) Advertiser hereby authorizes that upon the execution of ECS / CCSI MANDATE Are Suno  is authorized to DEDUCT minimum of 9 months ECS, thereafter Advertiser has the option of terminating the contract. The Advertiser shall only terminate the Contract upon the completion of minimum tenure of 9 months from effective date which can be terminated by giving prior 2 (two) months written notice (either by email or through registered post) to its bill due date, expressing intentions of discontinuing the Services.

·         (v) In respect of Silver, Gold (which are Premium position listings) or any other Listings, where the payment mode and manner opted by the Advertiser is Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) or Credit Card Standing Instruction (CCSI), the Contract would be automatically renewed as mentioned in Clause 4 of these Terms, however such automatic renewal is subject to the condition that same will be so renewed at revised values (commercials) as existing on the date of automatic renewal and on such other terms as may be determined solely by Are Suno. Notwithstanding anything contained in this Contract, the automatic renewal and the terms of such renewal will be at the absolute discretion of Are Suno.

·         (vi) It is clarified that, irrespective of whether the Advertiser has registered or not registered their entity/ firm’s contact numbers in the “Do Not Call” registry of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), or any other statutory body, upon the signing and acceptance of the Contract, the Advertiser would be deemed to have given their consent and authorized Are Suno to share the Advertiser’s details and contact numbers for business and promotional purpose with Users of the Service. Further the Advertiser, by signing and accepting the terms of the Contract, has given his consent to Are Suno to contact him for any business promotion of Are Suno. The Advertiser confirms that Are Suno shall be at liberty to carry out all the obligations undertaken under the Contract. The Advertiser also undertakes to take all such measures as may be necessary to ensure that the Users do not encounter any difficulty in contacting the Advertiser. In the event the Users are unable to contact the Advertiser it would not be deemed to any deficiency in the Services rendered by Are Suno. The Advertiser undertakes to comply with all the present and future TRAI regulations or regulations of any other regulatory bodies on subject matter covered under this clause and would ensure that User or Are Suno will not face any difficulty in contacting the advertisers or for the purposes of entering into this Contract.



Are Suno currently disseminates Information to the Users through different platforms, viz., mobile, internet, WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) and Wireless (SMS short code) SMS and Whatsapp. Are Suno may, at its discretion cease providing Information over any of the above platforms or provide Information over other platforms or modify the manner in which Information is provided over any of the existing platforms, as it may deem fit, from time to time.



This refers to the various kinds of Advertising listings that can be selected by the Advertiser. Are Suno provides the following kinds of Advertising listings (“Listings”): Package Listing. (More pay more visibility) (iv) SMS Promotion. (v)Other promotions as may be specified. (vi) The Advertiser agrees that it shall list itself under the Listing which is mentioned in Clause 6 of the Contract. (vii) Are Suno reserves the right to change the aforesaid Advertising Listing options by adding new listings or deleting the existing listings or adding, deleting, modifying or merging any categories or keywords. In the event the listing applied for in the Contract Form is no longer available, Are Suno shall endeavor to allot similar Listing to the Advertiser. The final decision making power with regard to Listing shall however vest in Are Suno  and such decision shall be final and binding on the Advertiser.



The terms as mentioned under Clause 6A shall only be applicable to VFL Package: 

Are Suno will be providing VFL package under promotional scheme to Advertiser as per the terms as mentioned under the terms of use. In VFL package, a) Are Suno will display the “AS Verified Seal” logo in Advertiser’s business listing. The verified logo would be visible as long as the advertiser’s business listing is active on Are Suno portals subject to the terms mentioned under terms of use. Are Suno for a consideration as determined and paid by the advertiser shall provide the advertising listing services under VFL package for period upto one (1) year. c) Are Suno  for the purposes of disseminating information shall provide life time services under this package. The lifetime services shall be made available to advertiser provided advertiser's business listing is active on Are Suno portals as per applicable terms of service & as per Are Suno 's business requirement. Are Suno shall not be liable in any manner to provide the services or otherwise in the event of failure on the part of advertiser’s to honour the payment for VFL package. Are Suno reserves its right to determine the listing in the event of non-payment for its services and as per its business requirement. 

Notwithstanding anything contained hereinabove, all other clauses specified under “Terms of Service for Advertiser” shall remain applicable in full force to the Advertiser who has obtained services under VFL from Are Suno.“



The Advertiser agrees to pay a non-refundable Listing Fee for the Services, which will be determined by Are Suno at the time of entering into this contract. The (“Listing Fee”) shall be paid by the Advertiser in advance simultaneously with the signing of the Contract.



·         i) Are Suno allows the Advertiser to make the remaining payments for the Services, after payment of the Service Fee, i.e., the Total Fee excluding Service Fee (“Subscription Fee”) by way any of the following modes:

·         (i) Cheque; (ii) Demand Draft; (iii)RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement); (iv) ECS (Electronic Clearing Service); and, (v) CCSI (Credit Card Standing Instruction) (vi) NACH (National Automated Clearing House)

·         (ii) It is hereby clarified that Are Suno does not encourage/prefer that payments be made in cash. Any cash payments made by the Advertiser pursuant to a contract with Are Suno shall be at the sole risk of the Advertiser, without any recourse to Are Suno.

Modify Clause iii

·         (iii) Payments can be made by the Advertiser either Perday, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and half-yearly as directed by Are Suno. Are Suno shall make best efforts to activate the contract within 10 (Ten) working days from the date of receipt of the Service Fee into its bank account, for the respective Listing (subject to delay due to technical malfunctions). However Are Suno will not be liable in any manner for any delay in activating the contract of an Advertiser.

·         (iv) The Advertiser hereby agrees that it shall make the payment via such mode which is mentioned on the Clause 8 of these Terms. Any dishonor of payments will attract provisions of Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act 1881. The Advertiser shall also be liable to pay interest @18 % per annum during that period.



If an advertiser opt the lump sum payment mode while entering into the contract then the tenure of the contract will be equivalent to the amount paid by the advertiser.



In the event the Advertiser fails to make any payment, including the Service Fee or the ECS amount, in time and as per the payment plan chosen by him, Are Suno may, in its sole discretion, suspend the Advertiser’s Listing or access to the Service, as the case may be, until necessary payments are made by the Advertiser. Further, the Advertiser agrees and acknowledges that the Advertiser shall be deemed to have waived his rights to the Service and the Advertiser’s listing for the period during which the Service and the Listing is suspended for non-payment. The right of Are Suno to suspend the Service and the Listing shall be without prejudice to Are Suno’s right to terminate the Contract for any material breach committed by the Advertiser. Advertiser hereby acknowledges that the opted position/listing will be released to other advertisers in the event of non-payment of Service fee or ECS amount without any notice/intimation from Are Suno.



·         (a) On receipt of the Service Fee and activation of the Listing thereafter, Are Suno will issue an invoice to the Advertiser containing, interalia, the following details: (i) The Total Fee including the fees paid and payable as on the date of the invoice; (ii) The Listing allotted to the Advertiser; and (iii) Description of the products and services of the Advertiser.

·         (b) It is hereby clarified that in the event of a conflict between the information relating to Sub-clauses (I), (ii) and (iii) above, as contained in these Terms and in the Invoice, the provisions of the invoice shall prevail.

·         Invoice is valid subject to realization of payment.



For Are Suno, providing Information that is relevant to the User is a priority. The User has to identify the location and category in respect of which he is seeking Information and Are Suno will provide such Information (subject to availability of such information) based on such choice. Amongst the Vendors who fall within the parameters identified by the User, Information about Vendors registered with Are Suno, that is, the Advertisers is first provided on best effort basis, subject to delays due to any technical malfunction. Priority among Advertisers i.e., determined on the basis of the listing selected by the Advertiser and on the basis of Total Fee to be paid by the Advertiser. Nothing contained in the Contract shall be deemed to restrict or prevent Are Suno from providing Users with Information about other Vendors whether in priority to the Advertisers or otherwise, as Are Suno may in its sole discretion determine. The Advertiser acknowledges that Are Suno will merely convey the Information to the Users on demand and does not guarantee that any of such User requests will result in business prospects for the Advertiser.



Are Suno does not guarantee that booking/enquiries/leads will be generated by it for the Advertiser or that any of such enquiries/leads will be converted into business for the Advertiser.



Are Suno is not obliged and does not market the offerings of Advertiser and shall not be obliged to recommend Advertiser to the Users. Are Suno’s obligation under the Contract is limited to the obligations explicitly set out herein and in no event does Are Suno undertake to generate or guarantee Enquiries or business to the Advertiser.



Advertiser shall indemnify and hold harmless Are Suno, its affiliates, directors, officers, agents and employees from loss, or damage including attorney’s fee, arising from any claim asserted by any third party including any User due to or arising out of any action or inaction of Advertiser, its employees or agents, including but not limited to, intellectual property claims, any claims pertaining to incorrect or false information about the Advertiser that was provided to Are Suno and any claims including but not limited to the quality or usefulness of the products or services of the Advertiser.



The Advertiser shall keep any information regarding the Users of the Service (“User Information”) confidential both, during the subsistence of this Contract and after its termination. The Advertiser shall not, without the prior written consent of Are Suno, transfer (whether for consideration or otherwise) User Information to any third party for any reason whatsoever. The Advertiser is specifically prohibited from using the User Information for purposes of seeking any commercial gain out of said User Information. In the event Are Suno is made aware of any such practice of the Advertiser in violation of the terms of this Contract, Are Suno shall be entitled to terminate the Contract as well as initiate such legal proceedings against the Advertiser, as it may deem fit at its sole discretion and without prejudice to rights available to it under applicable law.



·         (a) Advertiser represents and warrants that (i) it is a bona fide business organization carrying on business in relation to the items disclosed to Are Suno; (ii) it has the rights to use the trademarks; (iii) the business carried on by Advertiser does not violate or infringe upon any law or regulation and all registrations, authorizations and /permission necessary approvals required for carrying on business have been procured by it; and (iv) all information provided about itself (Advertiser) to Are Suno, is and shall at all times be accurate, valid and complete; (v) it would be solely responsible and liable for the information provided (including but not limited to the content or details pertaining to any intellectual property provided by the Advertiser to Are Suno) to Are Suno.(vi) Advertiser shall not have right to terminate the contract upto 9 months from the date of activation of the contract. For the purpose of clarity it is agreed between the parties that Are Suno will not be liable to refund any ECS amount which has been deducted during the validity of the agreement.

·         (b) Additional Covenants (i) The Advertiser acknowledges and accepts that any grievance as to the Services will be entertained only as long as the Contract remains in force and that Are Suno  will not entertain such grievances post-expiry or termination of the Contract; (ii) Advertiser accepts that it is responsible to cross verify and ensure filling up of all the Advertiser details including but not limited to the contact information, information pertaining to its products/services provided by the Advertiser and keep Are Sunoupdated in this regard. Further the advertiser shall ensure that contract Form will be free from any handwritten notes or overwriting. In the event the relevant information form is not filled completely or accurately, the Advertiser would, by default, be bound by the explanation or description of the product/service or any other details of the Advertiser communicated by Are Suno to the Users or any other third party; (iii) Advertiser hereby agrees to keep proper receipts, invoices and details for the transactions entered into by it (Advertiser) and the User; (iv) The Advertiser undertakes to provide a copy of the licenses/ registrations or any other documents including but not limited to valid Identity proofs such as ration card, adhar card, pan card, passport, voter id card and residential proofs such as electricity bill, telephone bill, bank passbook etc, as required by it (Advertiser) to run the business. The Advertiser acknowledges that any breach of the covenants set forth herein may cause delay in activation, non-activation or termination of the Contract byAre Suno, at its sole discretion. Advertiser further acknowledges that Advertiser shall not be entitled for any refund, compensation, damages, expenses, interest arising of out of business loss, claims, actions, inconvenience suffered by Advertiser from delay in activation of services , non-activation of services or termination of the contract due to their (Advertiser’s) fault of not providing documents, delay in providing the relevant documents or providing incomplete documents to Are Suno. It is further acknowledged by an Advertiser that Are Suno will be at no obligation to followup with Advertiser for the documents as mentioned herein and it will be Advertiser’s sole responsibility including but not limited to share all the relevant documents confirming their identity, address and business registration details with Are Suno. (v) Advertiser hereby agrees and undertakes that during the term of this Agreement and after its termination of this Agreement (for any reason), it will not directly or indirectly forward Booking/leads/enquiries to any third party, mis-utilize, cheat, solicit, or usurp or attempt to solicit, divert or take away any of Are Suno’s enquiries/leads. Any such conduct by Advertiser will lead to a termination of the contract and Are Suno at its discretion will initiate proceedings against advertiser before appropriate forum. (vi) Advertiser hereby agrees and confirms that during the term of this Agreement and after its termination (for any reason), Advertiser will not directly or indirectly either for itself or for any other commercial enterprise, solicit, divert, hire or attempt to solicit, divert or usurp, any of Are Suno’s employees, business or prospective users/callers. Advertiser shall not advertise or perform any solicitation, including but not limited to solicitation of users to use the services of Advertiser directly or promoting its services by any means whereby user are motivated to not to use the Are Sunowebsite/services or to use the Advertiser website/services directly. Any conduct by Advertiser that in Are Suno’s discretion restricts or inhibits any other user/customer from using or enjoying the Are Suno services will not be permitted. During the term of this Agreement and for 5 (five) years after any termination of this Agreement, Advertiser will not directly or indirectly, in any capacity:- (a) solicit any users of Are Suno by means of providing discounts, gift coupons etc in the event users uses the website of Advertiser directly. (b) divert, entice, or otherwise take away from Are Suno the business of any user/customer, or attempt to do so, or (c) solicit or induce any user/customer to divert or reduce its relationship with the Are Suno.



To the fullest extent permitted by law, Are Suno disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including without limitation for non-infringement, merchantability, satisfactory quality and fitness for purpose. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Are Suno disclaims all guarantees regarding accurate Listing of the Advertiser. Advertiser understands that there may be errors in such positioning. Neither Are Suno nor the Advertiser will be liable for any consequential, special, indirect, exemplary, or punitive damages (including without limitation loss of profits, revenue, interest, goodwill) whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or any other legal theory, even if advised of the possibility of such damages and notwithstanding any failure of essential purpose or of any remedy except for Advertiser’s indemnification obligation. Are Suno’s aggregate liability to the Advertiser is limited to amounts paid to Are Suno by Advertiser during the 12 (twelve) months immediately preceding the date of the claim. Are Suno is also not liable for any claim owing to any misrepresentation of the information pertaining to the Advertiser so long as the information exhibited/ communicated by Are Suno  conforms to the Information made available by the Advertiser or its authorized representative.



·         (a) Advertiser confirms that it will be solely responsible and liable for allmatters between User and the Advertiser , including but not limited to transactions entered into between such User and the Advertiser. Further, it is hereby declared that Are Suno  does not verify the identity of the User of the Service and that the information provided to Advertisers is the information received from the User and will not be independently verified by Are Suno.

·         (b) In the event of receipt of multiple complaints from the Users regarding the Advertiser or Advertiser’s product/service, Are Suno reserves the right to discontinue the provision of Service to the Advertiser or take any other action as deemed appropriate. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Contract Are Suno may also forfeit the amount lying to the credit of such Advertiser and terminate the Contract at its sole discretion.

·         (c) Advertiser also agrees that at no time shall Are Suno vouch for or guarantee the performance of services or delivery of products by the Advertiser and  Are Suno  will not be liable for any non-payment of amounts due to the Advertiser by any User.



·         (a) The Advertiser may only terminate the Contract, by giving 2 (two) months written notice (either by email or through registered post), prior to the automatic renewal of the same, stating his intentions of discontinuing the Services.

·         (b) Are Suno reserves the right to terminate the Contract at any time, either with or without cause. If the Advertiser commits a breach of a material duty owed to Are Suno,Are Suno may, at its discretion, call upon the Advertiser to rectify the breach within 22 (twenty two) days of the receipt of notice, failing which Are Suno may terminate the relationship between Advertiser and Are Suno.

·         (c) Upon termination of the Contract, Are Suno will not be bound to delist the Advertiser as a Vendor and cease disseminating Information of the Advertiser to the Users. However upon termination, Are Suno shall have the right to delist the Advertiser without prior intimation thereof to the Advertiser.

·         (d) In case of technical difficulties in continuing the contract, Are Suno reserves the right to terminate the contract by giving written/oral intimation to the advertiser.

·         (e) Upon termination of the Contract, either by efflux of time or by determination under this Contract, the balance of the deposit placed by the Advertiser with Are Suno, if any, (after deducting payments for the period/tenure for which Services have already been provided by Are Suno) shall be retained by Are Suno. Under no circumstances, shall the Advertiser be entitled to claim a refund of amounts already paid to Are Suno



Notices shall be sent by email or facsimile to the facsimile number/ email addressed notified by Are Suno /Advertiser from time to time in writing and shall be followed by notice by registered post and dispatched through a reputed courier. Any notice refused by an Advertiser would be deemed to have been legally delivered and Advertiser will be deemed to have notice of the contents of such notice.



Are Suno  reserves the right to change the terms of the Contract or the Terms of Service at any time without any prior notice to the Advertiser. Changes to the terms of the Contract or the Terms of Service shall come into effect upon from the time it is put up on the Website or by any other mode of communication as may be determined by Are Suno. For Terms of Service with Advertiser visit http://www.aresuno.com/Terms-of-Use.



Are Suno is entitled to charge the Advertiser for all the taxes and charges (now in force or enacted in future) that are or may be imposed on the said Services and Listing fees (including bids arising out of Advertiser's relationship with Are Suno) and Advertiser hereby agrees to pay the said taxes and charges promptly without raising any objections. Advertiser also agrees that in the event the said taxes and charges are not charged by Are Suno the same shall be paid by the Advertiser directly to the authorities concerned without raising any objection. The Advertiser further agrees that the taxes and charges payable under this Clause is in addition to the fee paid by the Advertiser for the Listing and Services rendered by Are Suno. i) All TDS deductions, form no. 16A should be sent at tds@Aresuno.com ii) Advertisers fall in category of Advertisement Services under section 194C of Income Tax Act, wherein maximum TDS rate is mentioned as 2%. iii) Service Tax is levied as per existing government policy. iv) Pursuant to Income Tax circular No 1/2014 dated 13-01-2014 TDS should not be deducted on service tax.



·         (a) Are Suno's interpretation of the Contract shall be final and binding on Advertiser.

·         (b) Advertiser agrees that no joint venture, partnership, employment, or agency exists between Advertiser and Are Suno and that the Advertiser is not entitled to bind Are Suno by its actions.

·         (c) Are Suno is subject to existing laws and legal process and nothing contained in the Contract is in derogation of Are Suno 's right and obligation to comply with the law.

·         (d) If any clause or part thereof of the Contract is held to be invalid or unenforceable then the invalid or unenforceable clause/ provision will be deemed superseded by a valid, enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent of the original provision and is nevertheless valid and enforceable and the remainder of the Contract shall continue in effect. Such revision to the Contract will be deemed to have been in effect from the Effective Date.

·         (e) Advertiser may not assign any rights or obligations against Are Suno without Are Suno's prior written consent. Are Suno  reserves the right to transfer any right or obligation against Advertiser by issuance of notice of such assignment to the Advertiser. Upon such assignment, the assignee shall be bound by the Contract in the same manner as Are Suno and Are Suno shall cease to have any liability to Advertiser. However, the Parties agree that Are Suno has an unfettered right to assign the Contract and the Advertiser is only entitled to a notice of such assignment. The Parties further agree that assignment of the Contract by Are Suno  will not be subject to Advertiser’s consent.

·         (f) Are Suno shall not be responsible for any delay or deficiency due to any force majeure events such natural disasters, acts of terrorism, civil labor strife, labor and transportation strikes. During a force majeure event, the obligations of Are Suno under the Contract will stand suspended.

·         (g) Nothing in the Contract obliges or will be deemed to oblige Are Suno to provide any credit to the Advertiser.

·         (h) Advertisers agrees that Are Suno reserves its right to present the payment mandates i.e. ECS / CCSI / NACH any number of times to receive its  just dues / payments for the services rendered under this terms of service.



All disputes, differences and/or claims arising out of the Contract shall be settled by Arbitration in accordance with the provisions of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 2013 or any statutory amendment thereof. The dispute shall be referred to a single arbitrator who shall be appointed by the authorized representative/ Director of Are Suno. The Advertiser shall not challenge the nomination of Arbitrator or his award on the ground that the nomination is made by authorized representative/ Director of Are Suno. The arbitration proceedings shall be held at Delhi and the arbitration shall be conducted in English Language. The award of the Arbitration shall be final and binding on the Advertiser and Are Suno. The arbitrator will pass a written and reasoned award and will be entitled to award cost of the proceedings.



These Terms, including any Annexures, along with the Contract Form hereto forms a single Contract between the Parties hereto and constitute the entire understanding between the Parties with regard to the subject matter hereof and supersede any other Contract between the Parties relating to the subject matter hereof.



No waiver by any Party of any term or condition of the Contract, in any one or more instances, shall be deemed to be or construed as a waiver of the same or any other term or condition of the Contract on any future occasion.



The contract is executed in duplicate and the advertiser has retained a carbon copy of this contract, both copies constitute one and the same contract.